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Once you get a hammock, it quickly becomes baby’s favorite place to sleep.

That’s because babies find the gentle rocking motion very soothing. One reason is that babies experienced the same rocking motion when they were snug in mom’s belly. The hammock gives them the same comfort they had then. In addition, the hammock is a good alternative to traditional baby beds in that it helps develop the child’s motor skills and balance.

The transition from hammock to a regular bed may feel a bit dramatic. This raises the question: ”When is my child too old to be in a hammock?”


There is no single answer to this question. The Moonboon hammock supports up to 15 kg (33 lbs). That roughly corresponds to the weight of a child aged 18-24 months. Therefore, the usual recommendation is to stop using the hammock when the child is 2 years old. Of course, there may be exceptions if the child has not yet reached 15 kg (33 lbs) at that time.

If your child is comfortable lying in the hammock, you may continue using it for some time after his or her second birthday. That said, ensure that the hammock is close to the floor so that your child does not get hurt if he or she climbs out of the hammock without your being aware of it.

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At Moonboon, you will find the best hammock on the market. Our hammock is made from high quality organic cotton. The mattress is made from hypoallergenic organic kapok. Kapok is a natural and oranic material that repels water and is extremely breathable. That is why the hammock mattress does not get damp or sweaty, and baby gets a good night’s sleep in optimal conditions in the Moonboon hammock.

Here at Moonboon, we developed a motor to be installed with the hammock. The motor rocks the hammock automatically, leaving parents free to do other things.

Turn on the motor and let it rock your baby, leaving you free to do other things while the little one is sleeping – or better yet, put your feet up and take a well-earned break. The motor can be set to several speeds so that it operates to your baby’s preference. There’s a timer you can set to have the motor operate for up to 3 hours.

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I’m Marie, mom to a little boy. And I’m the woman behind the Moonboon company making organic and sustainable baby accessories that respect people and the environment.

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I want for my son to sleep in optimal conditions, and I want the same for your baby. That’s why I’m especially proud of our GOTS certified hammock and the specially designed motor that has helped me and many other parents sleep better at night.

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