Moon Nursing Pillow


Moon Nursing Pillow

A soft and versatile GOTS-certified nursing pillow filled with fine buckwheat hulls for a comfortable and flexible feeding experience for both mum and baby. The moon-shape and ergonomic design can also be used as an extra support in the pram.
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Having a supportive and flexible nursing pillow to feed your baby is an essential part of establishing those early bonds and getting your baby off to the right start. The moon-shaped nursing pillow is filled with fine organic buckwheat hulls, which are both hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating. As an additional benefit, the pillow can be used in the pram to let your little one sit up and see the world go by. Choose from three beautiful, natural colours: Desert, Ocean and Seagrass, and enjoy this versatile accessory on short or long-haul family trips and holidays.

Product details 
Moon-shaped nursing pillow with a quilted harlequin patterned cover

130 x 27 cm

The pillow is filled with organic buckwheat hulls and comes with a quilted harlequin patterned cover. All materials are 100% organic.

Ocean, Seagrass and Desert

Care instructions
The removable quilted cover can be washed on a normal cycle at 40°C. Do not tumble dry. To avoid shrinking when washing, we recommend steam ironing the nursing pillow cover when it’s still damp, pulling the fabric to restore its original shape. The quilted cover is made from organic cotton which is free from chemicals and pesticides. Washing before use is therefore not required.

The Moonboon nursing pillow is filled with organic buckwheat hulls which are naturally hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating. The ergonomic shape gives you a multifunctional pillow that extends beyond feeding and can be used in the pram to let your little one sit up and see the world go by. This helps provide reassurance that you’re giving your baby the best start in more ways than one. The removable, washable cover has inner quilted cotton padding to ensure that any spills or leaks are absorbed by the cover and do not penetrate the buckwheat husk filling.

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