Did you know that you can test our baby hammock and hammock motor in the comfort of your own home?

This way, you can test whether the baby hammock and the hammock motor are the right choice for you in the place where it will actually be used.

Our Sleep Guarantee also applies to the stand when you buy our bundle with a stand.  

To give you a little more time to think, we have extended the right of return to 30 days. We have given you a little more time to think because it's important to get it right. 



If you wish to return our products within 30 days, the following criteria should be met: 

  • The product and all loose parts should be returned in the condition in which you received them. 
  • Do not wash the baby hammock, the mattress or the mule bag.
  • The baby hammock, the mattress and the mule bag must be free from signs of use, such as stains and odours (e.g. smell of smoke). For this reason, we recommend that you protect the baby hammock and the mattress with a blanket, a sheet or the like during the test period.
  • Products must be securely packaged before you ship them to us. The motor requires added protection.      

If your returned goods do not meet the above criteria, they will be deemed to have lost their value. The amount you will be refunded depends on the commercial value of the returned goods when we receive your return package.

If you have any questions about our Sleep Guarantee, you are always welcome to contact our Customer Service at hello@moonboon.com or by telephone at +45 78 78 26 60. 

Enjoy your sleep!