I know how it feels to fall asleep wrapped in soft, freshly washed bedding. It is such a luxury. When you lay down under the covers, it feels like you are being tenderly embraced. It is a wonderful feeling. My son thinks so too, and that inspired me to take the time to source the finest fabrics for Moonboon’s bedding.

Our bedclothes are GOTS certified and made of organic cotton in a satin weave. The word satin may bring to mind synthetic bridal gowns that are shiny and stiff, but a satin weave can be made in a variety of ways. I discovered this while investigating how to produce the softest fabric. Our bedding is not shiny and makes no sound. It is extremely soft and fine. Our bedding sets come with a pillowcase and a duvet cover.

This bedding comes in a junior size with three colors to choose from.