I have carefully considered the qualities of Moonboon’s springs. It is essential that it is balanced correctly in order to make the pleasant rocking movements. If a spring is too tight, it needs a lot of weight to be able to gently rock the baby.

I have specified that the spring must be able to be used by newborns, so you do not have to wait until your baby weighs 6 or 7 kg before your baby can enjoy the gentle rocking that supports its spine.

The safety of the spring is very important. It has been through many rounds of testing and we know that it is very secure. Our spring is tested to be able to rock up and down non-stop 18 million times bearing a weight of 16 kg.

It is highly unusual that a spring would break, but we take no chances. As an extra safety precaution, a safety strap is mounted on the spring and would catch the child before it could fall on the floor. This gives you a sense of security every time you tuck in your child.