Kapok is a fantastic material, which is why I chose it for our pillows. Kapok comes from the kapok tree and the natural fibers are extremely soft. This makes kapok a perfect material for bedding, but it has other qualities that are just as interesting.

Kapok is a hypoallergenic, breathable fiber that can regulate the temperature. These are all factors that are useful when creating conditions for a good sleep.

This natural material is antibacterial, so you can be sure that house dust mites and other unwanted guests cannot live in the pillow. Using kapok pillows is a natural choice for babies, children and people with allergies. They are a totally natural, organic, sustainably made alternative to ordinary pillows.

I sleep best when I am not too hot and not to cold, and I have learned from experience that the same is true for our children. It was an eye-opener for me when I gave my son a kapok pillow. It adapts to his body temperature, so he always has a comfortable temperature when he sleeps, even on days when he is sick.

Our GOTS certified pillows come in two sizes – baby and junior.