I imagine that you might like to avoid having too many holes in the ceiling. With that in mind, you can use the door frame clamp instead. You mount it on the door frame and hang the baby hammock or cradle there. It is simple, but do not underestimate what a big effect something small can have, especially when there is a newborn in the family.

When I first became a mother, I quickly realized that I wanted my son near me at all times. For that to happen, I needed a baby hammock or cradle that could be moved around easily. The solution was the door frame clamp. It allowed me to move him to whatever room I was in, even while he was sleeping. That made it possible for me to walk around the garden or make food in the kitchen and still keep a close eye on him.

The door frame clamp makes it easy to have the baby hammock or cradle with us when visiting friends and family and even when going on holiday. Our baby hammock is delivered in a cloth bag so you can pack it easily and use it as a travel bed. It weighs close to nothing.

Door frames are different from home to home. This means that I cannot guarantee that all door frames are high enough for the baby hammock to hang when the motor is attached. If you want a portable solution where both the motor and baby hammock or cradle can hang, I suggest that you also have a look at our tripod stand.