Most children like to be rocked and newborns especially fall asleep easily in a baby hammock. The soft fabric muffles sounds, a sense of closeness is intensified, and the rocking movements remind the child of the time inside the mother’s womb. This makes most children succumb to sleep.

My son had to be rocked to sleep no matter what time of day he needed to sleep. I shifted between bouncing on an exercise ball and rocking him in my arms while I bounced my whole body. My back hurt, especially the lower back. Even worse than the physical discomfort was that when he would not fall asleep, I became frustrated. When someone recommended that I try a baby hammock, I seized the chance. Guess what happened? He fell asleep immediately. Of course.

That made me decide to develop a baby hammock that could relieve some of the pressure for parents whose children liked to be rocked. I have put a lot of energy into creating a safe, ergonomically designed baby hammock that supports the development of the child’s spine. I am proud that midwives recommend Moonboon’s baby hammock for newborns and children who weigh up to 15 kg.

When I got a baby hammock for my son, I became a better mother. It gave me the breaks I needed so I could sleep while he was sleeping. I got back my energy and was able to be the mother I wanted to be. I hope that our baby hammock can do the same for you.

The baby hammock is 90 cm long.