It looks so easy when mothers with a lot of years of experience quickly wind the wrap and put the baby inside. It really is that easy. Our baby wraps are easy to tie. You can also tie it in advance so that it is easy for you to get the child comfortably in place with support for the neck and head. You can also pick up the baby several times without having to tie the wrap again.

Our baby wraps come in five colors and are produced in an organic cotton blend. They are light and strike just the right balance between stretch and firmness. I am really pleased with the zipped pocket at one end of the wrap. It is a detail that is so useful, with room for a pacifier, a credit card or a cell phone – whatever you want to have on hand as you head out the door.

Baby wrap carriers are perfect for newborns when skin to skin contact is especially important. You can carry a child who weighs up to 10 kg, so this carrier is practical for the first months of a baby’s life. If you are still wild about wrap carriers when your baby weighs more than that, we suggest that you switch to a firmer baby carrier.

Our baby wraps come in two sizes. XS/S is 4.3 m in length and M/L is 4.8 m in length.