Kapok is an outstanding material, and that’s why I decided to use it in our baby pillows and baby duvets. Kapok is an organic product derived from the kapok tree, yielding a 100% natural and sustainably grown filling.

For me, that’s important: I am reassured that I am putting my son to bed in clean and luxurious bedding. Dust mites cannot survive in kapok. That makes it an ideal filler for children’s duvets and pillows – it’s antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
An additional advantage is that the natural fiber regulates temperature and adjusts to the child’s body heat. You will therefore never need to worry that baby is too hot or too cold when it’s time to sleep.

The filling is important, but the fabric used for the duvet and pillow are just as important. That is why I designed the baby bedding with soft, organic, GOTS certified cotton in three colors.