If you are not already familiar with kapok, you should know why it is such a fantastic material. Kapok has many good qualities that make natural to use it for duvets.

Kapok comes from the kapok tree. It is a totally natural organic product that can be sustainably produced. For me, that is essential, because I choose only the best materials for Moonboon’s products. I will not compromise when it comes to quality, especially when it has to do with how well my child sleeps.

What makes kapok unique is that it is hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties. This makes kapok wonderful for bedding, because you can be sure that house dust mites and other unwanted guests cannot live in the duvet. It is always nice and clean and perfect for babies, children, and people with allergies.

Kapok has the ability to regulate temperature, so when you cover your baby with a kapok duvet, you do not have to worry whether the baby will be too hot or cold. The duvet adapts so you can be sure your child will sleep comfortably.

This duvet is junior size (100 x 140 cm).