Choose Safety

You never compromise on your baby’s safety. So, we don’t either!

As a result of the growing interest in functional sleep products, such as Baby Hammocks, we have seen an increasing number of brands selling low-cost off-the-shelf products that sadly compromise safety.

The harsh reality is that safe, quality products are costly to produce. This is why quality, safety, and low price do not go hand-in-hand.

Please remember...

Always ask the following questions when considering buying sleep products for your baby:

  • Where are the products designed and developed?
  • Does the product adhere to the European safety standards, such as EN-1130:2019?
  • Are the products GOTS certified?
  • How are prices being kept low – is there anything missing that could endanger safety?

If it’s not safe, we don’t sell it

From day one, Moonboon decided to invest in quality materials and safety. That is why we have Danish in-house engineers to develop and oversee the production. The products are safety tested by third-party safety consultants (among others Consumer Lab Denmark) throughout the product development phase. This ensures that the products follow and adhere to the strict European safety standards. You always know that your baby is in good hands when you choose Moonboon.

To make it easy for you, we have listed the most important safety features to look for in baby hammocks, stands, and motors.


The Moonboon bundles fully live up to the European Safety Standard, EN-1130.2019.
  • Do not buy suspension hooks or metal chains in DIY stores. There have unfortunately been cases where babies have gotten metal splinters in their eyes, but never from a Moonboon product.
  • Should you decide to buy parts from third-party supplier, beware of the material/metal grade used, and never use coated products of any sort.