the Cradle


the Cradle

A new classic sees the light of day.

Moonboon’s Cradle is a game-changer when it comes to functional sleep products because the Cradle allows your child to sleep on a flat and firm base while still benefitting from the bouncing movements the Baby Hammock is known for.

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The Cradle is designed for children from 3 kg and is used as a complement or alternative to the Baby Hammock or instead of a regular baby bed placed on the floor.

The Cradle is for the design-conscious family who wants to put their child to sleep on a flat base with a firm base. The long interior dimensions and open design are ideal for children who find peace in following their surroundings or feel warm in the enveloping security of the Baby Hammock.


Essential Cradle Bundle

Create the best sleep for your baby with a GOTS-certified flat-bottom cradle and the quietest motor on the market. Our Essential Cradle Bundle gives you both at a great bundle price to get you started.
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Classic Cradle Bundle

The spacious and GOTS-certified Cradle with flat bottom, the gentle movements of the Motor and the practical and stylish Tripod Stand 2.0. In Moonboon's Classic Cradle Bundle, you get all three parts at an attractive package price, so you can give your child the best sleep.
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Expert Statement

I genuinely cannot think of a single reason to use a normal bed or floor-based cradle.

- Mia Bernscherer Bjørnfort, Sleep and Nursing Counsellor

Flat Base

Combine a flat and firm base with the calming movements known from the Moonboon Baby Hammock. It replaces the need for a bed or a floor-based cradle.

Developed by Sleep Experts

Adheres to the highest European safety standards and has been developed in cooperation with sleep experts. GOTS-certified with care for the environment.

Long Interior Dimensions

The interior dimensions ensure that the Cradle is more spacious and more open than the Baby Hammock, which some children prefer or need to settle down.

How does the Cradle work?

The Cradle is designed to fit with Moonboon's Spring and Motor system and the Tripod Stand 2.0.

The Cradle's smooth movements - up and down - are reminiscent of time spent in a mother's womb, and combined with the benefits of a flat, firm base, it creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere that makes the little ones drift off to sleep.

The cradle is a lifesaver for parents who want to give their children more rest better sleep, as it frees up the time otherwise spent bouncing on a yoga ball, cradling the baby in their arms or something else entirely.

    The Cradle is for:
  • children who are more comfortable in an open Cradle rather than the enveloping security of the Baby Hammock
  • children who find peace in the beneficial rocking movements of the Motor
  • the curious child who finds peace in watching its surroundings
  • children with a good inner warmth, who get hot quickly

It is also suitable for children with special needs that are not comfortable with the curvature of the Baby Hammock, but whose parents still want to give the child the benefits of the rocking movements. This could be, for example, if the child has a hip brace.

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Why choose the Cradle?

- Developed by experts
- Combine the flat base with bouncing movements
- Long interior dimensions
- Calming effects for more and better sleep
- GOTS-certified with care for the environment

Should I choose the Cradle or a Baby Hammock?

The Cradle is larger and more open than the Baby Hammock, which some children prefer. This allows the baby to be put to sleep on a flat base or with a firm surface, while meeting the baby's need for the beneficial rocking movements for which the Baby Hammock is known.

The Cradle is also suitable for children with special needs that are not comfortable with the curvature of the Baby Hammock, but where parents wish to give the child the benefits of the rocking motion.

The Moonboon Cradle has longer inner dimensions than the Baby Hammock, giving the child more space. In addition to the obvious benefits of a flat bottom, the Cradle also extends the use of the Tripod Stand and Moonboon Motor.


The GOTS-certified Cradle is developed from ecological and recyclable materials with care for the environment. The GOTS certification is your guarantee that the organic cotton used for the product meets the very highest standards for cotton production - right from the sourcing of the cotton to the finished products. You can use the Cradle with peace of mind as it is produced without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.


The Cradle features the iconic Moonboon design. A stylish and Scandinavian design that fits into any home. The sleek and understated design neatly wraps up the technical details so the product doesn't stand out or take up aesthetic space in your home.

Moonboon's Cradle is upholstered in 100% high-quality organic and GOTS-certified cotton. The cotton is washed in psyllium husks for a soft and natural look. The sides of the Cradle are quilted in the familiar harlequin pattern, which echoes Moonboon's Nursing Pillows and Baby Blankets.

The Cradle is also pre-washed, so you don't have to.

Product Safety

Safety is the number one issue when dealing with children. At Moonboon we go further than expected to ensure we can deliver the safest products possible. For this reason, the Moonboon Cradle has been developed in close cooperation with experts and it adheres to the European safety standard EN 1130:2019.

Frequently Asked Questions