Our Responsibility Achievements

We are very proud to have achieved being GOTS certified as a company and have our products recognised by and with the OCS standard.

GOTS Certificate

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and represents the world’s leading standard of organic fibres. This ensures that all suppliers along the supply chain of a product guarantee excellent work conditions and use organic materials, where possible. ​

GOTS-certified products are held to the very highest standards of responsibility, respect for the environment and people, so you can feel reassured that your Moonboon product has been produced without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.​

For products with a minimum of 70% the label "made with organic materials" is applied. Products with more than 95% organic materials are granted the "organic" status.​

In addition to our GOTS-certified products, Moonboon as company has been inspected and assessed in accordance with GOTS requirements. The standard contains both social and environmental criteria that ensure the regulation of working conditions, wastewater treatment, use of chemicals, product quality requirements. We are proud to say that through our efforts, we as a company have been GOTS certified!​

OCS Certificate

OCS is the Organic content standard – an international, voluntary standard verifying organic input and chain of custody. This ensures that products labeled with OCS are made of materials from certified organic farms and ensures that the identity of the organic content is maintained: from the farm to the final product.