Explore our new Weighted Blanket and more premium


Explore our new Weighted Blanket and more premium


Weighted Products can help to improve the quality of your baby’s sleep and help them settle down faster. They are designed to stimulate the nervous system of your baby, applying a gentle pressure to them that feels like a hug.


Designed to help children aged between 12 months and 7 years find their sense of calm and get better quality sleep. The blanket is perfect for use at bedtime or while snuggling on the sofa.

It gives the child control over how much they use the blanket. Use as part of a regular wind-down routine to calm your child before bed.

Onesize (12 months-7 years) €160
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Designed to help children aged between 12 months and 7 years find their sense of calm and get better quality sleep. The blanket is perfect for use at bedtime or while snuggling on the sofa

The gentle and even weight of the blanket will calm your child, while the silky-soft Bed Linen will give them unrivalled comfort. Get the whole good sleep package.

Onesize (12 months-7 years) €190
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Weighted Sleeping Bag

Perfect for use in the stroller or pram, before a daytime nap, or for snuggling before or during bedtime, the Weighted Sleeping Bag is for children who find weight throughout their sleep soothing.

9-12 kg €160
12-15 kg €175
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Weighted Vest

Use the Weighted Vest on your child after they have had an active day and need some help winding down – perfect for their nap time or before bed. The vest is ideal for applying gentle weight before bedtime when your child still wants to move around.

9-12 kg €150
12-15 kg €160
15-19 kg €175
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Deep Touch Pressure Therapy (DTP)

Our Weighted products are inspired by DTP – a method that stimulates the body’s proprioceptive system by using gentle weight. Applied over the whole body, this weight has a calming effect on both children and adults.


Created in close collaboration with our team of sleep experts in Denmark, our OSC-certified Weighted products have been tested against the highest European safety standards and are made with safety at their core.


The outer layer of the blanket is made from 100% organic cotton, while the middle layer consists of a polyester membrane that is divided into small, secure compartments with fibre filling and tiny glass beads that provide the weight. The lining is soft and durable organic cotton jersey.


Weighted products for babies and children are specially designed to help children calm down and improve the quality of their sleep. The gentle and even weight they provide is comforting like a hug and helps the nervous system to calm down.

Moonboon Weighted products contain tiny glass spheres, as small as grains of sand, which help apply the weight evenly and do not make any noise when ruffled. They ensure the weight distribution is even so that they help children regulate their sensory impressions, become more calm, relaxed and focused on a task.


Our Weight Products are inspired by Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) Therapy, a method that stimulates solid sensory input simulating things such as firm hugs, touches, squeezes, or wraps. When these sensations are applied over the whole body, DTP can have a calming effect for both children and adults.

This even weight also helps simulate muscles and joints (known as proprioceptive stimulation), which signals the nervous system to increase production of the mood-regulating hormone serotonin. It also reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increases melatonin, which helps us sleep.

What can you expect?

All children are different and have individual needs. We recommend that you always follow the product instructions and create a relaxing environment for your child during use. The Weighted Products are most effective as part of a relaxation ritual or routine. 

Do not count on the effect always being the same. Many factors can play a role and affect the sleep of children and babies. For example, gas, teething or a hard day can result in a poorer night's sleep. 

However, as mentioned, children are different and react differently. For this reason, we recommend some trial and error to figure out how the Weighted Products work best for your child. 

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  • Increases the quality of sleep
  • Calming and relaxing effect
  • Less hyperactivity
  • Reduces symptoms associated with anxiety and sensory challenges
  • Provides the body with controlled sensory input

    Sleep- and Breastfeeding Consultant

    Mia Bernscherer Bjørnfort

    " These products are designed to be used before, during, and after sleep. Just like our Cradle and Baby Hammock, our Weighted products can help calm your baby's nervous system. Use them as part of your child's regular sleep routine."



    Our Weighted Vest is designed to help your child calm down. It’s perfect for use after an active day, as part of a nap or bedtime routine, or during the wild hour before bed. The vest calms your child but also allows them freedom of movement. It is best used in a calming environment, while reading a book and with dimmed lighting, as an example. It is the perfect product to use when your baby has moved on from their Baby Hammock but still needs a sense of calm that it provided them.


    Designed to help your baby get off to sleep faster and get better quality sleep with fewer disturbances to their senses. The Weighted Sleeping Bag is perfect at nap time, or as part of your regular bedtime routine.


    The Weighted Blanket is designed for children aged between 12 months and 7 years. It is designed to help your child find calm and ease them into a state of relaxation, which ultimately leads to better sleep. Use it on the sofa before bedtime, as part of your regular sleep routine, or before and during naps. The blanket weighs 3kg and can be used with our Junior Bed Linen.

    Research suggests that Weighted products start to work after 15 to 20 minutes. But children are different and react differently. Therefore, we recommend that you experiment and find out how the product works best for your child.

    After about 30 minutes of use, the nervous system will have got used to the heaviness and the effect will gradually wear off. Some sleep experts recommend using the product for 20-30 minutes at a time, while others recommend sleeping with it at night to avoid waking your child.

    If you want to remove the product and use it again to prolong the effect, we recommend that you give the nervous system time to 'reset' beforehand. This takes about 20-40 minutes.

    The weighted vest, weighted sleeping bag and weighted duvet are all designed to help the child to calm down, which is a prerequisite for falling asleep.

    Product Safety

    Secure Cell System: The built-in Secure Cell System and the light weight of the front of the Weighted Sleeping Bag and Weighted Vest make them safe to use, and their design promotes a sense of calm and improved quality of sleep.

    Can be used from 8 months of age: The Weighted Products’ increased weight can make it harder for the child to adjust their sleeping position on their own. For safety reasons and to prevent cot death, the Weighted Products may only be used by children 8 months and older


    Freedom of movement: The design of the Weighted Sleeping Bag and Weighted Vest supports the child's full freedom of movement and produces a high level of comfort. 

    No hazardous chemicals: We only use natural materials, free of chemicals. The Weighted Vest and the Weighted Sleeping Bag are made from the finest 100% organic cotton jersey and flexible interlock material, which is very comfortable for your child. 

    Supports safe sleep: We have taken great care to ensure that the vest and sleeping bag are only weighted on the front, as we want to support that the child sleeps safely on their back. The Danish Health Authority recommends sleeping on your back to prevent cot death, and Moonboon supports this recommendation. The Weighted Vest and the Weighted Sleeping Bag therefore have a back side with a quilted and flat pattern in cotton, for a particularly pleasant experience.

    OCS certified and tested: Moonboon's Weighted Products have been thoroughly tested against and comply with the EN ISO 11092:2014 EU standard. They are OCS certified and approved, which is your guarantee that the products are safe to use and 100% suitable for babies and children. 

    Tested TOG value: The Weighted Products have insulating properties, and therefore, their TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) value is tested by an independent third party to ensure compliance with the EN ISO 11092:2014 standard.


    The information on this website is not intended or implied as being a replacement for professional medical advice. Check with your doctor or other professional treatment provider in the healthcare system if your baby has a medical diagnosis or if you are worried about the safety of your child.