Babies like white noise. They are used to it. Before the baby is born, it spends its days and nights inside the womb, closely enveloped by the soothing human hum of its mother's body. The beating of the mother's heart, the sound of blood rushing through her body, and the rhythmic breathing combine to create a reassuring mix of sounds. 

When the baby is born, it suddenly finds itself in an unsettling world of quiet and cautious sounds. White noise products create a comfortable sound environment reminiscent of the womb. It calms the baby and helps the baby stop crying and fall asleep faster. 

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White Noise Speaker

Moonboon has developed a White Noise Speaker specifically to help babies and children sleep better. The White Noise Speaker comes with 10 relaxing sleep sounds, including womb sounds, brown noise, white noise and pink noise. Some children like to have a little light on during sleep to create a safe and warm environment. And we don't want you stumbling around in the dark. That's why the speaker has a built-in night lamp with a warm and pleasant light that can be easily switched on and off.
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Choose between white, pink and brown noises - and womb sounds with the sound of mum's tummy. The sounds provide reassurance and calm, helping your child fall asleep faster and sleep better.


Enjoy taking the speaker with you wherever you go. The silicone strap makes it easy to hang the speaker, for example, in the cross bar of the baby hammock. And with the rechargeable battery, you don't need wires.


Good and well-thought-out design. Our White Noise Speaker works without an app or smartphone. Let the speaker create a calming environment and free up your phone for other things while your child sleeps soundly.

The 10 relaxing sleep Sounds

Sounds from the womb – #1 A Mother’s Heartbeat and #2 Womb Sounds
These mimic the natural and soothing sounds that baby experienced while inside mummy’s tummy. The rhythmical beating heart and blood rushing around the body is familiar and reassuring.

White noises – #3 Static, #4 Boat Motor, and #5 Air Conditioner
Spanning across all frequencies, these sounds are designed to obscure other background noise and bring a sense of calm. Choose between static, a boat motor, or an air conditioner.

Pink noises – #6 Calm Waves, #7 Rustling Leaves, and #8 Soft Summer Rain
These noises come from the natural world – they create a pleasant, tranquil, and non-manmade environment for baby including calming waves, rustling leaves, and gentle summer rain.

Brown noises – #9 Thunder and #10 Crackling bonfire
Deeper than pink or white noises, brown noise has a rawer sound. Heavy rain with thunder or the sound of a bonfire are our choices.

What is white noise?

The term white noise covers a range of sounds that can be soothing, relieving or help to focus.

White noise is a combination of different sounds that together form a sound that extends across all frequencies and blocks out sudden changes in the ambient sound. In other words, white noise masks other sounds that occur naturally in the environment and blocks out sudden changes in sound. Since white noise is persistent, the listener cannot focus on the sound, making it easier to drift off to sleep or fall asleep again.

There are different variations of white noise, each with its own functional quality. For example, it can be pink noise and brown noise. The sounds are very similar. Therefore, each variation has been given a colour to help us distinguish them from each other. The sounds differ from each other by having different energy levels and frequency distributions. What they all have in common is that they have a positive effect on sleep and relaxation.

All children are different. Some find peace in white noise, others in brown noise, pink noise, or womb sounds. Therefore, we have included sounds from both white, pink and brown noises as well as two womb sounds that mimic the sounds of the time in the womb. All to create a calming environment that helps your child find peace and sleep better.

When and why should I use a white noise speaker?

For parents, having a child who cries for long periods of time and won't sleep can be hard and mentally draining. It can even be a big challenge for parents themselves to get enough sleep. Even when you're past the breastfeeding stage with several awakenings a night, your child may have trouble settling down or falling asleep.

To help your baby fall asleep, experts recommend a number of relaxing methods to help your baby on the way to sleep. White noise can be a huge help here.

Moonboon's White Noise Speaker works across all ages and is a helping hand for parents who want to give their children better sleep. It's also great in combination with the baby hammock's calming rocking. White noise creates a smooth, calm atmosphere that helps babies and children relax and can help the whole family sleep better.

Benefits of using White noise speakers

Many recommend White Noise because of two distinctive characteristics:

1. At bedtime: White noise has a calming effect that helps the child fall asleep and sleep better, no matter what other sounds there may be in the environment.
2. During Sleep: white noise is proven to block out other sounds. White noise has a calming effect, blocking sudden disturbing changes in sound or volume that might otherwise frighten the child or perhaps wake the child before it was intended.

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When it comes to sleep needs, all children are different. To find the right sound for your child, we recommend trying it out and seeing how they react. 

Place the speaker near the child, turn it on and find an appropriate sound. Start with the sound you like best. If it doesn't have an effect, try the other sounds one at a time to find the sound your child likes best. 

After a few minutes of use, most children will calm down or fall asleep. The speaker mimics the sounds of the time in the womb, providing a pleasant atmosphere and blocking out distracting noises. In a short time, it has a calming effect. It also allows you to find the peace you need as a parent. 

White noise is a helping hand, but it can't solve all sleep challenges. Remember that it's perfectly normal for babies to wake up during the night and that it's not necessarily a sign that something is wrong. It is not realistic to expect babies and children to sleep all night heavily. Sometimes they need a bottle, a clean nappy, or a hug. But there's a good chance that white noise can help them fall back asleep quickly.