Kapok Baby-Hammock Duvet


Kapok Baby-Hammock Duvet

This duvet is very small, but so is your newborn, so it is just the right size. Use it in the baby hammock, stroller or crib.
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A practical cloth bag is included, as well as a natural colored organic cover for the duvet.


100% organic kapok

34 x 66 cm

Not washable

Air out the mattress outdoors once a month.

Please read the user manual . You can also read more about the product in our FAQ.

When I became a mother, I was surprised at how tiny a newborn actually is. When I looked at my sleeping son, he seemed to disappear under the big baby duvet. The many layers around the duvet that made it fit inside the stroller and hammock meant that he quickly became too warm.

I looked for a good alternative but was unable to find the ideal size. So, I came up with Moonboon’s baby hammock duvet made of kapok. The measurements 34 x 66 cm are optimal for newborns, and the duvet is designed to fit inside the baby hammock, pram and crib.

Our all-year duvet is made of 100% organic cotton so the baby dozes sweetly, and the kapok fiber is a hypoallergenic alternative to other materials for duvets.

Kapok fibers are naturally antibacterial and resistant to house dust mites. They also have temperature regulating qualities that ensure that the duvet does not get humid when the baby is warm.

There is no need to wash the baby hammock duvet, so you do not need to use laundry detergent. Just shake it out regularly and hang it outside in dry weather to air it out. A practical cloth bag is included, as well as a natural colored organic cover for the duvet.


Kapok is 100% organic. No herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals are used in its production. For people interested in hypoallergenic materials, kapok is the natural choice.


Kapok fibers contain wax, lignin and bitter substances. It is the only natural fiber that is naturally resistant to mold and pesticides. Its antibacterial qualities mean that house dust mites cannot live in kapok, and this makes it especially well-suited for babies.


Kapok fiber consists of 80% air. It is eight times lighter than cotton, making it the lightest natural fiber in the world. The airy fibers make kapok an absorbent material that has insulating and heat-regulating qualities. This helps ensure that your baby has a comfortable sleep.


This light and airy fiber structure makes kapok breathable. Its moisture wicking quality means that moisture is not absorbed in the material, but is drawn away from the body through the air spaces. There is not a sensation of moisture that can be felt in products made of cotton, down, linen or wool. Instead, your baby will have a very dry and pleasant night’s sleep.


The kapok mattress cannot be washed with water. It is good for the fibers to air out the mattress outdoors about once a month in dry weather.

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Organic materials

Only the best is good enough for your baby. Our duvet is made of 100% organic GOTS cotton and is filled with organic GOTS Kapok fibre.

Temperature-regulating and hypoallergenic

Our duvet is filled with Kapok - also called silk-cotton. A soft, untreated, natural material, which is both hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating.

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