Nursing Pillow


Nursing Pillow

A soft and versatile GOTS-certified nursing pillow with a quilted cover made from 100% organic cotton. Filled with hypoallergenic natural kapok, the pillow is temperature-regulating and adapts easily to different feeding positions.
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Having a supportive and flexible nursing pillow to feed your baby is an essential part of establishing those early bonds and getting your baby off to the right start. The Moonboon nursing pillow is made from 100% organic cotton and comes in a quilted harlequin pattern. The kapok filling is naturally hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating with a cover that’s easy to wash and dry. This leaves one less thing to think about when you’re juggling all the newness of parenthood.

Product details
Nursing pillow with a quilted harlequin patterned cover

One size - 40 x 117 cm

The pillow is filled with hypoallergenic kapok and comes with a quilted harlequin patterned cover. All materials are 100% organic and GOTS-certified.

Ocean, Seagrass and Desert

Care instructions
The removable quilted cover can be washed on a normal cycle at 40°C. Do not tumble dry. To avoid shrinking when washing, we recommend steam ironing the nursing pillow cover when it’s still damp, pulling the fabric to restore its original shape. The quilted cover is made from 100% GOTS-certified cotton which is free from chemicals and pesticides. Washing before use is therefore not required.

The Moonboon nursing pillow is naturally hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating and keeps its shape during feeding, providing all the support and reassurance mums and babies need to establish early bonds and a successful feeding routine. The natural filling is made from organic kapok, harvested from the Kapok tree. This makes it naturally airy and adaptable to suit different feeding positions, as well as extremely versatile to pack on trips and family holidays.

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. This label indicates that your goods have been produced with organic materials and with focus on the environment. This means that you can safely buy the clothes or textiles for your baby.

On top of that, when you buy products with the GOTS marking, you can be sure that the fabric was produced under socially responsible working conditions. The label is not only a guarantee that everything is organic from cultivation to harvesting to producing the finished product. When you choose items with a GOTS certification, you know that sustainability was considered throughout the process.

In addition, there are several social and environmental requirements that must be fulfilled in order to receive GOTS certification. These requirements are the same wherever you purchase clothes or textiles. When you buy something for your baby with this label, you can be sure that you have a responsibly made product in your hands.

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