Organic muslins (4 pack)


Organic muslins (4 pack)

Our muslins are made from certified organic cotton combine the best for your baby: gender-neutral colors and soft material, that ensure a timeless design and the highest quality.
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Moonboon's muslins are made of 100% organic cotton and keep both their shape and size after washing. They’re reusable and made to last. The practical muslins can easily be used as a cover on the changing table, to screen off light sunshine on strolls with the pram, as a bib or a pacifier.


GOTS-certified organic cotton

65 x 65 cm

Colours 3-pack
Cocoon: Seagrass, Dust, Cocoon
Almond: Ocean, Almond, Hay

Colours 4-pack
Desert: Ocean, Desert, Almond, Hay
Cocoon: Seagrass, Dust, Almond, Cocoon

Muslins are piled high in households with young children, and I remember well how much I appreciated them when I had a new baby. They are useful for many purposes – breastfeeding, wiping up when baby regurgitates, substituting for a bib, and cleaning food off baby fingers, to name just a few.

When a muslin is to be used also as swaddling, the quality must stand up, and I have thought long and hard about that quality. That is why our muslins are GOTS certified. Their textured weave makes them wonderfully soft and luxurious. I deliberately went for gender neutral colors so that anyone can use them for many years to come.

The muslins are available in packs of 3 or 4 in two color combinations.

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. This label indicates that your goods have been produced with organic materials and with focus on the environment. This means that you can safely buy the clothes or textiles for your baby.

On top of that, when you buy products with the GOTS marking, you can be sure that the fabric was produced under socially responsible working conditions. The label is not only a guarantee that everything is organic from cultivation to harvesting to producing the finished product. When you choose items with a GOTS certification, you know that sustainability was considered throughout the process.

In addition, there are several social and environmental requirements that must be fulfilled in order to receive GOTS certification. These requirements are the same wherever you purchase clothes or textiles. When you buy something for your baby with this label, you can be sure that you have a responsibly made product in your hands.

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Organic materials

Only the best is good enough for your baby. The muslin is made of 100% organic GOTS cotton. Keeps colour and shape after washing.

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