Tripod Stand for Baby Hammock


Tripod Stand for Baby Hammock


Practical, simple and portable. What more could you need? Our tripod stand for the baby hammock is the only stand on the market specially developed for both a motor and a baby hammock. With its clean Scandinavian design, the stand is a stylish furniture accessory in your home. 

1 tripod stand with wooden top in walnut wood
3 stand legs with lower end
3 stand legs connecting pieces

Size - total
Height: 203 cm
Diameter: 127 cm

Size - unassembled
Length: ca. 101 cm

6,4 kg

Maximum load capacity
15 kg

Please read the user manual before use. You can also read more about the product in our FAQ.

One thing is the slim, streamlined design. Another thing is that our tripod stand for a baby hammock is the only one tall enough for both the baby hammock and the motor without compromising safety. Our team of specialists have developed a safety strap for the spring that will catch the child if the spring breaks. Our focus on important considerations like this help ensure safety. The safety of your child is at the top of your mind too. Naturally.

Another specification I made was that the stand should be easy to transport. It is great to be able to take it along when I meet with friends out of town or visit my parents. The three legs are shaped in curved contours. They can quickly be screwed off and packed up. This simple shape looks stylish and timeless.

The tripod stand is developed and designed in Denmark and the Scandinavian features are obvious. It is available in two colors: charcoal grey and off-white. The top is made of walnut, so the wood matches the cross pin on the baby hammock.

The tripod stand is 203 cm tall.

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Stay mobile

Flexibility is key in a hectic day - around your house and beyond. The tripod stand is designed to meet your needs and is easy to assemble and transport. Take it with you wherever you go.

Scandinavian design

Rooted in our Nordic heritage, we strive to deliver a minimalistic design that follows function. We are inspired by the moon, night-time, deep sleep, sweet dreams, and adventures. We aim to create products that create calmness, sleep and presence for your baby and you.

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