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Almost all babies go through a period of frequent bouts of hiccups.

Generally, the child does not find the hiccups painful as they are a natural physical process. However, parents may worry and get concerned if baby hiccups a lot because they believe it bothers baby. Fortunately, you may apply any of several tips to prevent and treat hiccups.


Young babies often get the hiccups during breastfeeding when they swallow too much air. Babies who have started eating solid food will typically get the hiccups when they eat or drink too quickly – just as older children and adults do. Getting the hiccups is a natural bodily reaction to the presence of food in the esophagus. Quite simply, getting the hiccups is a mechanism set in motion by the stomach when it senses that food is stuck in the esophagus. It’s not dangerous to have the hiccups, and once all the food in the esophagus has moved into the stomach, the condition usually passes.


Upon the onset of the hiccups, it is recommended that baby be held upright for burping or regurgitating some of the milk. Generally, it is wise to hold baby upright several times during breastfeeding. This short pause in feeding minimizes the risk that baby swallows too much air. Another remedy is a pacifier. It will stimulate the production of extra saliva and thus help end the hiccups.

If your child tends to get the hiccups often, it may help to offer breastfeeding more frequently rather than to wait for the child to get hungry. If the child is not hungry, it will be more relaxed; this in itself may help prevent the onset of the hiccups.

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