Classic Bundle – Baby Hammock



Classic Bundle – Baby Hammock

The best-selling bundle. Enhancing baby sleep, this all-in-one bundle provides a thoroughly tested, safe, and comfortable space for your baby's peaceful rest. The classic Scandinavian design ensures a seamless fit into any home.
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Baby Hammock:
Tripod Stand:
  • The GOTS-certified sheets in a soft satin weave organic cotton are designed for the Moonboon baby hammocks. Choose from five gorgeous, natural colours: Ocean, Seagrass, Nature, Stone and Desert.

  • A breathable, waterproof soaker for the baby hammock. Produced to meet the highest standards using quality materials.

  • Makes more room inside the baby hammock or twin baby hammock and ensures that your child can lie down flat. The filling is made of coconut fibers, and the cover is soft organic cotton.

  • A premium quality canopy for the baby hammock and cradle to reduce ambient distractions, helping your baby get to sleep. Made from GOTS-certified cotton.

  • Give your baby the comfortable support they need for a peaceful and restorative sleep with this 100% organic cotton quilted belt.

  • Choose from 10 soothing white noises that reduce ambient noise and help your child fall asleep faster and sleep better.

  • The perfect accessory to use your Baby-Hammock or Cradle on the go. Our doorframe clamp makes you mobile - whether at home or on the go with friends.

  • A secure and adjustable mounting kit with a stainless ceiling hook and mounting strap in cotton and nylon strap, for the optimum suspension of your baby hammock or cradle at home.

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Get a free Hammock Stiffener with this Hammock Bundle.

This bundle includes the popular Moonboon Motor 2.0 - the most quiet motor on the market. Look forward to experience it!

There’s a secret recipe that can deliver better and more sleep for your baby – we have combined all the ingredients in one super-convenient, great-value bundle. The Classic bundle includes the GOTS-certified organic cotton Baby Hammock, the quietest rocking motor on the market the Motor 2.0, and the strong and stable Tripod 2.0. In short, it’s everything you need to create a soothing sleeping zone for your baby – and at a great value price that’s hard to beat.

  • Choose Safety - find out more about how
  • All the essentials you need for better baby sleep
  • Quietest rocking motor on the market
  • Stylish Scandinavian design
  • More and better sleep
  • Frees up precious time for yourself

Your baby will be soothed by the gentle rocking motion of the Motor 2.0, which is the quietest rocking motor on the market according to independent testing. Simply set the timer and rocking speed to your baby’s needs and let them drift off into dreamland.

Read more about the Moonboon Motor 2.0 in our guide.

Baby Hammock
1x GOTS-certified organic cotton hammock
1x GOTS-certified organic cotton mattress with 100% kapok filling
1x walnut cross pin
1x spring with a swivel snap hook, safety strap, and cover
1x safety snap hook with plastic
2x plastic parts for attachment to the metal hammock mounts

Moonboon Motor 2.0
1x Moonboon Motor 2.0
1x 24V power supply and 3 metres (10 feet) of cord
2x safety snap hooks with plastic parts

Tripod Stand 2.0
1x top assembly 9x connecting leg pipes
3x movable and non-slip feet with rubber coating

Hammock: 1 kg
Tripod Stand: 6,4 kg

Hammock: 90 x 35 cm
Tripod Stand: Height 197cm, diameter 140 cm

Maximum operating power
15 W

Power supply motor
Input: 100 - 240 V - 50/60 Hz

The Baby Hammock can be hand washed at 40 degrees. The kapok mattress is not machine washable - air it outdoors once a month.
Baby hammocks are not suitable for children who can sit or kneel or pull themselves up. Please read the user manual before use. You can also read more about the product in our FAQ.

Babies love being rocked to sleep. It’s a story that hasn’t changed much throughout human history. But when you find yourself devoting many hours a day to rock your child, then it can become pretty tiresome for you as a parent. That’s the situation Moonboon’s founder Marie Grew found herself in with her first son. After bouncing and rocking her own body to near breaking point, with a child still struggling to settle down. A Baby Hammock was a welcome respite for weary arms, yet still required manual effort to keep the soothing rocking motion going.

Marie knew there must be another way and created the first prototypes of the Moonboon Baby Hammock with the Moonboon Motor. She quickly discovered that not only did her baby get to sleep faster and sleep better when inside its soft, comfortable, and sound muffling environment, but it also gave her some relief to rest herself. In her own words, it helped her become a better mother.

Wishing to develop products with a care for the environment the Baby Hammock is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, is designed by sleep engineers, and is tested against the strictest European health and safety standards. It helps provide thousands of babies and parents across all of Europe with more of the better quality rest they deserve to grow, develop, and be happy.

1. Installation: Ensure you set-up the Baby Hammock securely and safely in accordance with the user manual.

2. Environment: Prepare a calm and quiet area of your home for the Baby Hammock to be used in – this will help deliver a great sleeping environment. Try placing a familiar item such as a muslin cloth or stuffed toy in the Baby Hammock for a few days before you introduce it to your baby. This familiar smell will help baby adapt to their new sleeping surrounds.

3. Start slow: Rocking should be introduced gently and slowly – either manually or with our Moonboon Motor. You can gradually increase the tempo and duration of rocking as your baby gets used to it. You’ll soon learn what works for you.

Every baby is different, and some may take longer than others to adapt to the Baby Hammock. Be patient, observe their cues, and make adjustments accordingly.

Remember you can always contact our customer service team at or by calling +45 89 87 75 75.

All Moonboon products are safe to use and have been rigorously tested by our Danish design engineers and safety consultants. The Baby Hammock is tested against the European safety standard EN1130.

Our Baby Hammock's design goes a step further for your child's safety. It includes a set of discreet plastic parts to prevent metal-on-metal friction in the mount. The extra safety measure eliminates potential shedding of coating and metal dust, a risk associated with the use of third-party products. It's an innovative solution that assures smooth operation and a safer environment for your little one – a commitment to your peace of mind!

For safe use of the Baby Hammock, please follow these tips:

  • Always follow the user manual for correct set-up
  • Always use only original parts that came with the product
  • Always use an original Moonboon mount – Mounting kit, door frame clamp, or tripod stand
  • Never use the Baby Hammock as a swing

If you have any safety questions about Moonboon products, please contact our customer service team at or by calling +45 89 87 75 75.

We are preparing all orders with great care and are doing our best to ship all orders as fast as possible, however delivery delays can occur during the holidays. Thank you for your patience!

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We have made it easy for you. This bundle combines everything you need, to give your baby the best comfort and sleep. You can enjoy the full experience with just one click.


We go to great lengths to keep your baby safe. The CE-marked motor has a built-in safety-function that automatically stops the motor if anyone or anything interferes with the hammock while it bounces. The spring comes with a safety-strap, and the carabiners are fitted with anti-friction parts.

Scandinavian design

Rooted in our Nordic heritage, we strive to deliver a minimalistic design that follows function. We are inspired by the moon, night-time, deep sleep, sweet dreams, and adventures. We aim to create products that create calmness, sleep and presence for your baby and you.

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