Twin Baby Hammock


Twin Baby Hammock

The Twin Baby Hammock provides twins with a gently bouncing and comforting space - for better sleep. It helps synchronise the twins’ sleeping habits.
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The Twin Baby Hammock mimics the light bouncing movements twins know from the womb. It has been designed in such a way, that it counterbalance itself for when only one child needs to rest.

  • Synchronise Twins’ Sleeping Habits
  • Developed by Sleep Experts
  • Safety Tested for Children
  • Better Sleep and More Energy
  • Scandinavian Design of High Quality

Many twins find comfort in each other and benefit greatly from sleeping together, which often ensures they sleep better. However, many twins sleep out of synch which can wear out any parent. With the Twin Baby Hammock, the children can rest in the hammock simultaneously or separately according to their sleep habits.

The GOTS-certified organic Twin Baby Hammock is a functional sleep product ensuring better sleep for twins. It provides parents with the chance to rest and restore their energy levels raising twins.

The Twin Baby Hammock has the iconic Moonboon design, is 100% organic cotton and has allergy-friendly and silky soft kapok mattresses. A classic and aesthetically Scandinavian design. Both design, safety and function have been taken into account and for this reason, the Twin Baby Hammock is suitable in every home without taking up too much aesthetic space.


Moonboon’s Twin Baby Hammock is made of 100% organic and GOTS-certified cotton of the best quality. The cross pin is from solid walnut treated with beeswax for a nice finish and to maintain its colour. The two organic kapok mattresses are GOTS-certified and have a 100% organic cover. The ties are also 100% organic cotton.

Twin Baby Hammock
1 x GOTS-certified Twin Baby Hammock of 100% organic cotton

2 x GOTS-certified mattresses of organic kapok with a cover of 100% organic cotton
1 x Cross pin from walnut and treated with beeswax
1 x Spring for Baby and Twin Baby Hammock with a swivel snap hook, safety strap and spring cover
2 x Triangle Carabiners
2 x Plastic parts to assemble the metal parts of the Twin Baby Hammock

Maximum load capacity:
Moonboon’s Twin Baby Hammock has been developed for twins of a combined weight of 4-20kg.

How to Use Without the Motor:
Use the Twin Baby Hammock with accompanying Moonboon Spring from infancy until the twins weigh a combined 12kg.

How to Use With the Motor:
Use the Twin Baby Hammock with accompanying Spring and the Motor when the twins have a combined weight of 4-12kg.
Moonboon’s Spring+ for Baby and Twin Baby Hammock can be purchased separately and used when the twins have a combined weight of 12-20kg.
The Moonboon Motor is purchased separately.

Combined Measurements of the Twin Baby Hammock:
Width: 70 cm
Length: 95 cm

Interior Dimensions of Each Baby Hammock:
Width: 35 cm
Length: 95 cm

Cross Pin
Width: 61 cm

Combined Weight:
1.8 kg

The Twin Baby Hammock works with Moonboon’s Spring and Motor System.

The Twin Baby Hammock works with Moonboon’s Spring and Motor System.
  • Moonboon-Motor
  • Tripod Stand 2.0
  • Hammock Stiffener
  • Waterproof Mattress Protector
  • Mosquito Net for Cradle and Twin Baby Hammock
  • Mounting Kit
  • Door Frame Clamp
  • Sheet for the Baby Hammock
  • Heaven

Safety and Certifications
Nothing is good enough when it comes to the safety of our children. At Moonboon we go an extra mile compzred to the rest of the market to ensure our products are a safe as possible. As a company, we have been GOTS-certified and all of our Baby Hammock and Cradles are GOTS-certified. The Twin Baby Hammock and Baby Hammock have been tested to adhere to the highest European safety standard EN 1130:2019.

The Twin Baby Hammock can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 40 degrees.
Avoid any chemical cleaning. Do not use bleach or dry in the tumble dryer.
The kapok mattress cannot be washed – instead, you air it out outside once a month or more frequently, depending on how warm your child is. Keep the kapok mattress as dry as possible. If your child sweats a lot the mattress should be aired out more frequently.

Always read the instruction manual carefully before use. If you have any further questions you can always read more in our FAQ.

Many babies find it difficult to calm down to rest without the comforting embrace of their parents. This may lead to many impatient hours of pacing the living room or bouncing on a yoga ball with heavy arms. Even more so with twins who sleep out of synch.

The Twin Baby Hammock ensures peace and comfort which are solid criteria for a good sleep. It is a lifesaver for parents with twins offering the possibility to help both children sleep simultaneously or separately.

The gentle movements in the Twin Baby Hammock – gently bouncing up and down – remind the twins of the time in the womb and help them to relax. It provides a calm space where the little ones give in to sleep much more easily.

The Hammock is also a help to parents who need more time to deal with life as a new parent of twins. A time that would otherwise have been spent bouncing on a yoga ball or rocking each twin on a loop.

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Synchronise Twins’ Sleeping Habits

Don’t wear yourself out with twins who sleep out of synch. The Twin Baby Hammock ensures peace and comfort for your twins and can be a helping hand if you want to synchronise their sleeping habits.

Developed by Experts

Moonboon’s sleep products are always a safe choice. The Twin Baby Hammock has been developed in cooperation with sleep experts and tested to adhere to the highest European safety standard EN 1130:2019.

Better Sleep and Better Parents

The Twin Baby Hammock helps children sleep better and minimises unnecessary wake-ups between the different sleep rhythms. It also provides the little breaks any parent might need to restore their levels of energy.

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