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Motor Original

200 EUR

The helping hand that quietly rocks your child to sleep with dreamy gentle movements. Embrace the serenity of bedtime as your little one is cradled in a world of peaceful dreams, thanks to the secure rocking experience of our motor.

  • More and better sleep for your baby - and for you
  • Developed and produced in Denmark
  • Up to 12 hours of uninterrupted gentle movements thanks to the timer functions

Delivery in 2-5 business days

A virtually silent motor - the Moonboon Motor Original (formerly Motor 2.0) is the support you need to help your little one drift off into a restful sleep.

With the ability to set both the rocking speed and the operation time, the motor can safely maintain gentle motion that will help your baby feel calm, soothed, and sleepy. It also frees up your time to get on with other things or get some rest yourself.

In order to care for the environment whilst delivering better sleep, we have made it our mission to make sure our motor units are made with as few components as possible to make it kinder to the environment.

Designed, developed, and safety tested in Denmark, you can have peace of mind using this product. It can help your baby develop healthy sleep routines and bring sweet dreams to your whole household.

Motor Original
1 x Motor Original
1 x power supply 24 V with a 3-metre long cable
2 x safety snap hooks with plastic covers

If you are located outside the EU or do not have EU plugs in your home, please purchase the power supply with multi adapter kit for UK/US/AUS plugs additionally.

Cream white with anthracite grey buttons.

Power supply
Input: 100-240V - 50/60Hz
NB: Multi adapter kit and fitting power supply are not included with Motor Original.

Please note that the motor requires at least 4kg weight in the baby hammock, or 3kg in the cradle to run smoothly.

Choose the correct spring
The Moonboon Motor is designed for the cradle, baby hammock and twin baby hammocks from Moonboon, and is safety tested to support many more kilos than the weight of a child. Moonboon's springs are specially designed for the products and match the child's weight to achieve the correct sense of calmness and the highest safety. Always look for the spring load capacity, rather than the capacity of the motor.

The spring for baby hammock supports children weighing from 3 to 12 kg

The spring for the cradle and twin baby hammock:
Cradle – child weight: 3-12 kg
Twin Baby Hammock – total weight of the children: 4-12 kg

The Spring+ for the cradle and twin baby hammock:
For bigger children, or if you want to extend the life of the cradle and twin baby hammock Cradle – child weight: 12-20 kg Twin baby hammock – total weight of the children: 12-20 kg

Read the user manual carefully before use. If you have any further questions, please read our FAQ.

For safety reasons, Motor Original is installed with a safety function that automatically stops the motor after 12 hours.

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Import duties and/or taxes may arise when ordering from outside the European Union, Norway or Switzerland.


Experience a nearly silent motor – even better sleep for the entire household. The gentle bouncing is not only nearly inaudible but will also bring peaceful silence to your home.


According to your feedback, our sleep experts have updated the Motor to create even softer movements and less impact on the environment. With a new unlimited timer function and adjustable speed for your child's needs.


Nothing is more important than your baby's safety. Therefore our motor has a built-in safety feature to stop it if it is interfered with, our springs come with a saftey-strap and our carabiners are fitted with anti-friction parts to prevent metal-to-metal contact.



Create the perfect sleep space for your little one with our fixed bundles including either baby hammock or cradle with a motor, mounting essentials, and a selection of accessories for your ultimate dream bundle. 

What Other Parents Say

"When we got it and placed her in the baby hammock, it took a minute from when we turned on the motor until she was asleep, and she slept for many hours."
- Lilly S, Norway
"I expected the baby hammock to help my baby fall asleep, but, in reality, it's the motor that truly aids her. I would wholeheartedly recommend Moonboon to anyone with a baby."
- Abigail R, England
"The Moonboon Motor is a real lifesaver - the rocking motion from the motor quickly gives my baby a sense of security, and as a result, she falls asleep quickly."
- Anne R, The Netherlands

If it's not safe, we don't sell it

Choose Safety

You never compromise on your baby’s safety, and we don’t either! Therefore we have created an overview of important things to keep in mind when shopping baby sleep products, so that you and your baby can sleep soundly.