Our Story

My name is Marie. Together with my husband, Adam, I started Moonboon. When I became a mother myself, I quickly realized that every child is unique, with their own individual needs and traits. There is no manual for achieving good sleep, and what worked for my friends and family didn't work for our son. Spending countless hours bouncing and rocking my body to near breaking point, with a child still struggling to settle down made me realize how crucial, yet uncommon, good sleep is for both babies and parents. With the goal of improving my sons's sleep and relieving some of the pressure on us as parents, I embarked on a journey to find a solution. This led to the development of Moonboon and the initial prototypes of the Moonboon Baby Hammock with the Moonboon Motor.

Introducing the baby hammock with motor to our son we soon discovered that not only did he fall asleep faster and sleep better in the soft, comfortable, and noise-reducing environment, but it also provided us with some much-needed rest. As a result, it had an incredible impact on me, making me a better mother.

Since then is has been our mission at Moonboon to create products that create better sleep for babies and children, and in turn help us parents with a much need relief to be the best version of ourselves.

It is essential to us at Moonboon that all our products we design and produce meet four criteria, that are central to Moonboon’s identity. Our products have to be safe, therefore we test them with Danish engineers, as well as produced with care for the environment, meaning we use natural and organic materials wherever possible, and support fair working ocnditions. In addition, our products are based on expert knowledge, as we collaborate with sleep experts, and finally, our products represent Danish design, because everything we do is done out of the greatest love for our little ones. We hope that you can feel that love in our products and designs.

What is Moonboon?

Our designs are inspired by the moon, nighttime, deep sleep, sweet dreams, and adventures.
For us, the moon symbolizes sleep while ‘boon’, which means a blessing or a benefit, encapsulates all that is good in life.


Right from the start, it has been our number one priority above all else, that our products are safe. That is why the design, development and testing take place in Denmark in collaboration with sleep exerts and Danish engineers and we have dedicated a lot of time and energy to the development process, from the first ideas to the finished product.

At Moonboon we take rigorous testing very seriously and make sure that all our products adhere to the highest safety standards. That is also why we are proud to say that we are GOTS certified! A GOTS certification is more than a guarantee that everything is organic. The label is also proof that our products are produced under responsible working conditions and a guarantee for you that we meet the certifications strict guidelines along every step of our supply chain.


Creating high quality products has been our ambition from the day that Moonboon was born. Many of us at Moonboon are parents ourselves and, like you, know that only the best is good enough for our children. To ensure that our products are of the highest quality, we dedicate a lot of time to the development process, carrying out extensive research and working with renowned sleep experts and parents. We are proud that midwives recommend Moonboon’s baby hammock for newborns and children who weigh up to 15 kg.

Laura Faurschou has designed our Moonboon Motor in the clean shape typically associated with Scandinavian design and the expert engineers at C.B. Svendsen in Kirke Værløse, Denmark, have developed and tested it. This makes us confident that when you buy equipment and accessories from Moonboon, it is of the highest quality.

Care for the environment

We want to take good care of the environment. That is why Moonboon’s products are made of organic materials wherever possible. The mattresses in our Baby Hammocks for example, are filled with kapok, a natural fibre, that is hypoallergenic and produced in a manner that makes it 100% organic.

At Moonboon we focus on protecting people, animals, and the environment. This means that we prefer to use natural, high-quality materials. As a GOTS-certified company, we have committed to using organic materials produced under safe and responsible working conditions from start to finish, whereever this is possible. You can therefore always be sure that Moonboon's GOTS products are natural and produced without the use of chemicals.

Being GOTS-certified was and is very important to us at Moonboon, as it is essential to us that Moonboon takes responsibility socially and cares for the environment. This certification means that care and respect for the environment is an integral part of every phase from manufacturing to production, to packaging, labelling, trade, and freight.

Scandinavian Design

Our vision for all our products is that they embody the key traits of Scandinavian design – a minimalist aesthetic, design that follows function, honesty in craft and attention to detail. It is this aesthetic that defines our designs at Moonboon and therefore translate this vision into beautiful, timeless products that are characterized by a connection to nature.

Both friends and customers have told me repeatedly that our products have been a lifesaver for them, making their babies and children sleep better and longer. I hope that they can make your life with your little one a little better too!