Baby wrap


Baby wrap


With this baby wrap, you and your newborn can be skin to skin. Only the best baby wraps have a wonderful balance between stretch and firmness, so the baby is securely in place, close to your skin but loose enough for you to breathe easily. With this design, the baby wrap gives you maximum range of motion and is also easy to tie, comfortable to use and the obvious choice when carrying your baby in the home or while out and about. It can be used by newborns up until your child weighs around 10 kg.

Choose the size that is right for your body, not the baby’s.

95% organic cotton
5% spandex

XS/S: 4,3 x 50 cm
M/L: 4,8 x 50 cm

Maximum load capacity
10 kg

Washable at 40 degrees

It looks so easy when mothers with a lot of years of experience quickly wind the wrap and put the baby inside. It really is that easy. Our baby wraps are easy to tie. You can also tie it in advance so that it is easy for you to get the child comfortably in place with support for the neck and head. You can also pick up the baby several times without having to tie the wrap again.

Our baby wraps come in five colors and are produced in an organic cotton blend. They are light and strike just the right balance between stretch and firmness. I am really pleased with the zipped pocket at one end of the wrap. It is a detail that is so useful, with room for a pacifier, a credit card or a cell phone – whatever you want to have on hand as you head out the door.

Baby wrap carriers are perfect for newborns when skin to skin contact is especially important. You can carry a child who weighs up to 10 kg, so this carrier is practical for the first three to six months of a baby’s life. If you are still wild about wrap carriers when your baby weighs more than that, we suggest that you switch to a firmer baby carrier.

Our baby wraps come in two sizes. XS/S is 4.3 m in length and M/L is 4.8 m in length.

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. This label indicates that your goods have been produced with organic materials and with focus on the environment. This means that you can safely buy the clothes or textiles for your baby.

On top of that, when you buy products with the GOTS marking, you can be sure that the fabric was produced under socially responsible working conditions. The label is not only a guarantee that everything is organic from cultivation to harvesting to producing the finished product. When you choose items with a GOTS certification, you know that sustainability was considered throughout the process.

In addition, there are several social and environmental requirements that must be fulfilled in order to receive GOTS certification. These requirements are the same wherever you purchase clothes or textiles. When you buy something for your baby with this label, you can be sure that you have a responsibly made product in your hands.

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