Weighted Sleeping Bag

110 EUR

A cozy sleeping bag for your baby that will help it do exactly that - sleep - thanks to thousands of tiny glass beads that safely stimulate your little one's nervous system and make them feel calm and embraced as they relax.

  • Optimal effect and weight distribution
  • More relaxation and deeper sleep
  • Spacious and stylish design
Size: 9-12 kg
Color: Stone

Delivery in 2-5 business days

If you’re looking for a way to help your child find calm before bed, fall asleep faster, and get better quality sleep, then your prayers have been answered with the Moonboon weighted sleeping bag.

Utilising Deep Touch Pressure Therapy (DTP), the weighted sleeping bag evenly applies a gentle weight to your baby that feels like a soothing hug and delivers a calming sensation that will help them get more and better sleep.

Available in two sizes depending on your baby’s weight, the sleeping bag is ideal for use before bed or even in the pram before a nap.

Designed and developed by sleep experts in Denmark, the weighted sleeping bag complies with the EU safety standard EN ISO 11092:2014 and is certified according to the OCS Blended Standard, giving you complete peace of mind.

Age limit
Moonboon's weighted products are designed to support the child to sleep on their back, in accordance with the recommendations of the Danish Health Authority. For safety reasons, the products should only be used by children aged 8 months or older, as the child must be able to adjust their sleeping position and move their head while sleeping.

Can be used before and during sleep as well as when relaxing over the course of the day.

The weighted sleeping bag is available in two sizes, to suit the child's weight:
• 9-12 kg (85 cm long)
• 12-15 kg (100 cm long)

TOG value
TOG value of 2.4.

Soft, 100% organic cotton of interlock quality, with a quilted pattern.

Cell membrane in polyester with filling consisting of polyester fibre and small glass beads. Safely housed in the compartmentalised Secure Cell System, which distributes the weight evenly across the front of the vest.

Soft and durable organic cotton jersey, which ensures comfort and a great fit.

Colours Natural undyed cotton colour.

Care Instructions
The sleeping bag can be washed on the cotton programme of most washing machines at 40 C. Do not tumble dry – use a drying rack to air dry naturally. Avoid bleaching. The sleeping bag can be ironed on a low heat.

Safety and environmental certification
The product complies with the EU standard: EN ISO 11092:2014.

The weighted products are environmentally certified and approved under the OCS Blended Standard.

This is your guarantee that the products follow the highest standards, are safe to use, and are suitable for babies and children.

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The products are inspired by Deep Touch Pressure therapy (DTP) - a method that stimulates the body using light weight. This has a calming effect, which is a prerequisite for falling asleep.


All Moonboon weighted products are tested to the highest standards and designed with child safety as the first priority. They are developed in collaboration with sleep experts, Danish engineers and safety consultants.


An organic cotton outer layer, a middle layer made of secure cells for the beads and an organic cotton jersey lining. The three-layer design ensures the optimal sleeping effect, high safety, and comfort.

What Our Clients Say

"At first, I was very skeptical because it is quite heavy. But in the end, when our daughter wore it for the first time, yes, it worked and she calmed down much faster."
- Jennifer, Germany
"I would definitely recommend Moonboon's weighted sleeping bag. Not only did it help calm my son down before bed, but he is also generally calmer during night and has far fewer awakenings."
- Carina, Denmark
"We have tried out Moonboon's weighted sleeping bag and are truly delighted. I find the design so beautiful, simple, and timeless. We love it!"
- Jaqueline, Germany

If it's not safe, we don't sell it

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You never compromise on your baby’s safety, and we don’t either! Therefore we have created an overview of important things to keep in mind when shopping baby sleep products, so that you and your baby can sleep soundly.