Weighted Vest


Weighted Vest

They are developed in collaboration with experts to help children find their calm, fall asleep faster and sleep without disturbance.
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The Weighted Vest gives the child complete freedom of movement and is designed for children who don't like to have anything over their legs when sleeping, relaxing or finding peace.

Moonboon's Secure Cell System contains thousands of tiny, sustainable glass beads that distribute evenly over the entire upper body. According to experts, this has an optimal relaxing effect on the body, helping your child to find their calm and improve sleep quality.

Use the Weighted Vest after an active day, if you wish to help your child find their calm, as part of your nap routine or during the wee hours.

  • Full freedom of movement
  • Optimal effect and weight distribution
  • Developed in collaboration with leading sleep experts

Quote from Mia Bjørnfort, sleep counsellor:
"Some children don't like to wear anything over their legs, either when relaxing or sleeping - perhaps they barely even want to wear clothes. The Weighted Vest is an obvious choice for these children."

Read more about Moonboon's Weighted Products and how you can use them.

Can be used before and during sleep as well as when relaxing over the course of the day.

The weighted vest is available in three sizes, to suit the child's weight:

  • 9-12 kg
  • 12-15 kg
  • 15-19 kg

TOG value
With a TOG value of 3.5, the Weighted Vest is designed for room temperatures of 18-22 °C.

Soft, 100% organic cotton of interlock quality, with a quilted pattern.

Cell membrane in polyester with filling consisting of polyester fibre and small glass beads. Safely housed in the compartmentalised Secure Cell System, which distributes the weight evenly across the front of the vest.

Soft and durable organic cotton jersey, which ensures comfort and a great fit.

Natural undyed cotton colour.

Care Instructions
Wash on a cotton cycle at 30 degrees Celsius. Can be tumble dried and ironed at low heat. Avoid bleaching.

In a daily life filled with new experiences, play and things to learn, some kids may find it hard for their body settle down on their own. Sometimes, it can therefore be nice to get some help and a soothing hand when it is time to relax or go to sleep. The light weight of the product can produce a sensation similar to a hug. The weight can induce a sense of calm on the nervous system and help the child's body settle down and be ready for sleep – safe and sound. 

For example, use the Weighted Vest in the pushchair when out for a walk, in the pram before the midday nap, when tucking in your child at bedtime or during sleep. The Weighted Vest has been developed in collaboration with experts, and it is only weighted on the front since we want to support children to sleep safely on their backs. 

Moonboon's Weighted Vest fits comfortably over the arms and chest, and it is designed to ensure a good fit and to stay on even during active play and sleep.

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The products are inspired by Deep Touch Pressure therapy (DTP) - a method that stimulates the body using light weight. When the proprioceptive input is distributed over the whole body, Deep Touch Pressure therapy (DTP) has a calming effect, which is a prerequisite for falling asleep.


Moonboon's products are developed with safety as the cornerstone, working closely with professional experts in babies' and children's sleep. The products follow the European standards and are OCS certified as a guarantee of the highest quality.


The three-layer design ensures the optimal sleeping effect, high safety, and comfort. Outer layer: 100% organic cotton of interlock quality. Middle layer: Polyester membrane divided into small, secure compartments filled with fibre and small glass beads. Lining: soft and durable, organic cotton jersey.

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