White Noise Machine

40 EUR

A small speaker for great relaxation - choose from 10 soothing sounds, including white, pink and brown noise, as well as womb sounds, for more and better sleep for your little one and for yourself.

  • Reduces ambient noise
  • Creates a safe sleeping environment
  • Portable for when you're on the move

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Help your baby find peace in a dreamy wonderland with the help of the Moonboon White Noise Machine.

Providing 10 different soothing white, pink, and brown noise sounds, the speaker can help block out ambient noise and reduce your child’s anxiety as they lay down to sleep.

You can even choose a noise that replicates the familiar sound your baby used to hear in the womb, helping them feel safe and secure.

Lightweight and easy to attach to almost anything with its silicone strap, the white noise speaker doesn’t require a smartphone or app to use making it super simple to operate. It also features a warm nightlight that can be switched on or off as you desire.

The speaker complies with European safety requirements EN 71-1 and is so effective, that you might consider getting one for yourself too.

A wireless, portable and lightweight speaker with built-in sounds and a night lamp. With a USB charger and silicone strap for easy mounting. Used without an app and a smartphone.

The speaker contains 10 relaxing sounds:

• 3 soothing white noises

• 3 soft, natural pink noises

• 2 low-frequency brown noises

• 2 relaxing womb noises

The sound can be played at five levels.

Silicone strap
The speaker has a built-in silicone strap, so it can easily be hung, for example, on the cross bar of the baby hammock or the canvas straps of the cradle.

Rechargeable battery
The speaker is charged with an included USB charger. Battery capacity per charge:

• Sound: 30 hours

• Sound and light: 20 hours

• Light: 100 hours

Built-in night lamp
A comfortable and warm night lamp is built into the speaker (3000 Kelvin), which can be easily switched on and off.

Timer function
With two built-in timer functions: 1 and 2 hours.

Built-in maximum volume: 60 decibels. The loudspeaker complies with the European safety requirements EN 71-1.

125 g

Diameter: 9 cm
Strap: 4 cm suspension


•Speaker shell: white ABS plastic

•Textile: grey linen

•Strap and buttons: silicone rubber

Wipe with a dry cloth.

Always read the instruction manual carefully before use. If you have any further questions you can always read more in our FAQ.

Sounds from the womb – #1 A Mother’s Heartbeat and #2 Womb Sounds
These mimic the natural and soothing sounds that baby experienced while inside mummy’s tummy. The rhythmical beating heart and blood rushing around the body is familiar and reassuring.

White noises – #3 Static, #4 Boat Motor, and #5 Air Conditioner
Spanning across all frequencies, these sounds are designed to obscure other background noise and bring a sense of calm. Choose between static, a boat motor, or an air conditioner.

Pink noises – #6 Calm Waves, #7 Rustling Leaves, and #8 Soft Summer Rain
These noises come from the natural world – they create a pleasant, tranquil, and non-manmade environment for baby including calming waves, rustling leaves, and gentle summer rain.

Brown noises – #9 Thunder and #10 Crackling bonfire
Deeper than pink or white noises, brown noise has a rawer sound. Heavy rain with thunder or the sound of a bonfire are our choices.

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Enjoy taking the speaker with you wherever you go. The silicone strap makes it easy to hang the speaker, for example, on the cross bar of the baby hammock. And with the rechargeable battery, you don't need wires anywhere.


Choose between white, pink and brown noises - and womb sounds. The sounds provide reassurance and calmness, helping your child fall asleep faster and sleep better.


Designed to function without an app or smartphone, the speaker creates a calming environment and frees up your phone for other things while your child sleeps soundly.

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