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Traveling with baby – 10 tips

Vacation at last! It’s a fantastic feeling to pack one’s bags and explore the world with one’s family.

Are you taking baby on his or her first trip? When you are about to travel with an infant for his or her first time, you probably have many questions. Some parents find it a huge challenge to pack up all the items they use day to day for a trip to a sunny climate, but it need not be a problem.

Here are 10 of the best tips for traveling with baby to make your vacation with the little one relaxing.


Are you yearning for a trip to a sunny climate? Traveling with a baby is very different from traveling without children, and no matter whether baby is 2, 4, 6, or 8 months old, many details need to be looked after before you can take off.

Below are 10 pieces of advice for traveling with baby.


    There are no rules in this area. You may without any problem go on vacation with a baby who is 2, 4, 6, or 8 months old.

    Are you taking a flight to go on vacation with baby? Some airlines will allow babies in the cabin only when they are more than 7 days old. If you are traveling with a newborn, it’s a good idea to check with the airline before you book your ticket.


      Has your baby not been named as of yet? When traveling with a baby without a name, be aware that some countries may not allow entry for you and the baby. This is true for the UK and USA among others. Do you have questions about traveling with an unnamed baby? Check with your country’s embassies around the world; they will have the answers.

      You cannot travel with a baby who has no passport identification. This needs looking after before you leave. Are you going on a summer vacation with baby? In the summertime, it takes longer to issue a passport, so it is recommended that you request one long before it is needed.


        Where are you headed with baby – Bali, Sri Lanka, Italy, or Iceland? The world is full of lovely places to spend your vacation, so the question is: Where to go with baby?

        Heat may be uncomfortable for many babies, so you need to pay attention. It’s a good idea to read up on the climate in each country before booking a vacation with baby. A trip to very warm countries where the temperature easily tops 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) could prove difficult.


          Do you usually book accommodations before you leave, or do you wait and see how things go? We are all different when it comes to travel preferences, but there are several advantages to booking in advance when you travel with a baby.

          It’s reassuring to know that you won’t be looking for accommodations on the run with a small child in your arms who may be tired, hungry, or fussy.


            When traveling with a baby for the first time, you need a packing list. Below is a list of all the items to put on your list:

            • Sunscreen and sunhat
            • Band-aid
            • Baby monitor
            • Activity blanket and toys
            • Snacks and baby food
            • Diapers and diaper bag
            • Pacifier
            • Carrier, wrap, or stroller

            It is helpful to travel light when you travel with an infant. Doing so leaves your hands free when you’re not lugging heavy suitcases.

            FLYING WITH A BABY

              Are you taking a flight to go on vacation with baby? Some of the best destinations are far away, so there is no choice but to fly. You may want to call the airline to find out its guidelines for traveling with a baby.

              Are you off to the USA, Bali, or Sri Lanka? Please keep in mind that children under 2 years of age are not given a seat and must sit in your lap the entire time. That can make for a very long trip, but many airlines provide baby lifts (book one ahead of time).

              You are allowed to bring baby food on board.


                If you are headed to a warm place with baby, you may want to choose accommodations that offer air conditioning. Families with children in addition find it helpful to have a microwave and laundry facilities, so the latter may be a priority.

                BEING SAFE IS KEY

                  Before leaving, look up telephone numbers you may need in case of emergency. Do you feel uncomfortable going on a vacation with your baby? Get your vacation off to a safe start by making a list of details on hospitals, doctors, and travel insurance policies. You may need them.

                  DON’T FORGET TO TAKE BREAKS

                    Traveling with an infant requires a relaxed tempo. Even though the best destinations offer many attractions, you should not neglect breaks. Pick one major event per day and spend time in parks and on playgrounds so that baby gets some exercise.

                    RELAX AND ENJOY THE TRIP

                      Relaxing and enjoying the trip is the most important thing in a good vacation with baby. Venturing out into the world can be tough, and perhaps your trip won’t pan out as you expected. But try to let go of your worries and instead enjoy the time with baby.

                      GOING TO A COTTAGE? SPECIAL TIPS

                      If you are going to spend time in a cottage, you may want to bring a baby hammock. It’s super easy to pack up, and you can use it as baby’s travel bed. If the cottage doesn’t accommodate hanging up the hammock, you could consider getting a tripod stand. It lets you take the hammock along no matter where you are going.

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