Hammock stiffener


Hammock stiffener

Makes more room inside the baby hammock and ensures that your child can lie down flat. The filling is made of coconut fibers, and the cover is soft organic cotton.
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Duveted fabric, organic cotton and a hypoallergenic filling made of coconut fiber. When we were developing the final pattern for our hammock stiffener, we realized that more materials were not necessary. The stiffener makes more room in the baby hammock.


29 x 90 cm

Filling: Natural, organic and sustainable coconut fibers
Cover: Undyed organic cotton

In general, the stiffener should not be washed.
Instead, you can shake it out regularly and air it outside in dry weather. It can, additionally, be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Can be used with or without the Kapok mattress

Please read the user manual before use. You can also read more about the product in our FAQ.

I like it simple. I like being able to look at a product and be able to tell what it is made of. This makes me proud of our hammock stiffener, which is made from coconut fibers and is covered with a duvet fabric made of soft organic cotton.

One of the practical things about a hammock stiffener is that it makes more room inside the baby hammock and ensures that your child can lie down flat. Some babies have adorable double chins, and for them it is nice that they are not so curled up while in the baby hammock.

Children experience a lot throughout the day. They laugh and cry, play and learn as they develop. At nighttime, their bed is the place where they can settle down and get recharged. I know it from my own experience. I need to have good support in my bed so when I wake up in the morning, I feel well-rested and fresh. The same is true for our children. A hammock stiffener helps them get a better rest.

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Organic materials

Only the best is good enough for your baby. The Hammock Stiffener is made of organic cotton. The coconut fibres in the filling, helps to stiffen the mattress and gives more room in the hammock.


Your baby grows and changes so quickly. The hammock stiffener is designed to give your baby extra room in the hammock.

Scandinavian design

Rooted in our Nordic heritage, we strive to deliver a minimalistic design that follows function. We are inspired by the moon, night-time, deep sleep, sweet dreams, and adventures. We aim to create products that create calmness, sleep and presence for your baby and you.

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