Cradle with flat base and long interior dimensions for Moonboon’s Spring and Motor System. Combine it with the advantages known from the Baby Hammock.
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Moonboon’s Cradle is a game-changer when it comes to functional sleep products because the Cradle allows your child to sleep on a flat and firm base while still benefitting from the bouncing movements the Baby Hammock is known for. A new classic has seen the light of day.

  • Developed by experts
  • Combines the flat base with bouncing movements
  • Long interior dimensions
  • Calming effects for more and better sleep
  • GOTS certified with care for the environment

The Cradle is designed for children weighing between 3 and 15 kg who still need the calming effect of the Baby Hammock but is more comfortable with a flat base and more space.

The Cradle has been developed in cooperation with several experts to ensure a safe and calming space for your baby. With long interior dimensions, the Cradle is more spacious and more open compared to the Baby Hammock. Use the Cradle instead of a regular bed or a floor-based cradle or as an addition to the Baby Hammock.

Quote from MIA BERNSCHERER BJØRNFORT, Sleep and Nursing Counsellor:
“I genuinely cannot think of a single reason to use a normal bed or floor-based cradle.”

1 x GOTS-certified Cradle with a quilted cover in a harlequin design of 100% organic cotton canvas. The quilt is made from 100% organic cotton watting.
1 x GOTS-certified Kapok mattress with a 100% organic cotton woven cover
1 x Removable stainless steel frame
1 x Wooden baseboard in Masonite (6mm) with airholes (5mm)
1 x Woven cotton cover for the baseboard
1 x Support strap for the baseboard
1 x Spring for Twin Baby Hammock and Cradle with cover and safety strap.
1 set of adjustable cradle straps of organic canvas. With Adjustment buckles of stainless steel, For adjustments of height, as well as a stainless steel ring for suspension.

Weight of the Cradle
4.5 kg

Measurements of the Cradle
Width: 40 cm
Length: 80 cm
Height: 30 cm

How to Use Without the Motor
As a standard, the Cradle comes with a Moonboon spring that can also be used for the Twin Baby Hammock. The spring can be used without the motor when the baby weighs 3-12 kg.

Moonboon’s Spring+ for the Cradle and Twin Baby Hammock can be purchased separately and used for children weighing between 12-15 kg.

How to Use With the Motor System
If you want to use the Cradle with the Motor this is possible when the child weighs 3-12 kg.

Safety and Certifications
The Cradle is 100% GOTS-certified and adheres to the European standard EN 1130:2019

The Cradle is delivered pre-washed so you do not have to do so.
To wash the cover you need to remove the straps from the frame and remove the baseboard and the kapok mattress. Wash the cover at 40 degrees in the washing machine.
The cover may shrink slightly during washing. Therefore, make sure to stretch the cover back to its original shape while it is wet to eliminate any wrinkles.
Avoid any chemical cleaning. Do not use bleach. Only dry on a rack and not in the tumbler dryer.
Straps with anchoring straps and the stainless steel ring need to be cleaned by hand as the metal parts cannot handle a wash in the machine.
The kapok mattress may not be washed.

The Cradle fits with Moonboon’s:
  • Moonboon-Motor
  • Tripod Stand 2.0
  • Heaven
  • Waterproof Mattress Protector for Cot
  • Mosquito Net for Cradle and Twin Baby Hammock
  • Mounting Kit
  • Door frame clamp
  • Fitted Sheet for Cradle
  • Mattress Fixi
Read the instruction manual carefully before use. If you have any further questions you can always read more in our FAQ.

Every parent knows that no two children are alike. This is why we have designed the Cradle - the first cradle with a flat base for the Moonboon Spring and Motor System – ensuring every child between 3-15 kg has the best sleep they need.

The Moonboon Cradle has been designed for design-conscious parents. The interior dimensions and flat base makes the Cradle more spacious than the Baby Hammock. The accompanying Spring ensures the child can still benefit from the bouncing movements known from the Baby Hammock and its calming atmosphere.

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Flat Base

Combine a flat and firm base with the calming movements known from the Moonboon Baby Hammock. It replaces the need for a bed or a floor-based cradle.

Developed by Sleep Experts

Adheres to the highest European safety standards and has been developed in cooperation with sleep experts. GOTS-certified with care for the environment.

Long Interior Dimensions

The interior dimensions ensure that the Cradle is more spacious and more open than the Baby Hammock, which some children prefer or need to settle down.

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