Very Moonboon, Very Quiet

Calm and quiet are essential for sleep. That’s why we’ve left no stone unturned in our mission to make the Moonboon Motor 2.0 the quietest rocking motor ever.

Tests show that the Moonboon Motor 2.0 is 27% more quiet compared to other quality rocking motors. Set the cradle to rock for your desired time and adjust the speed to suit your child's needs and routines.

Combining Scandinavian style with the know-how of our sleep experts, you can rest easy knowing your baby is sleeping safe and sound.

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A new classic sees the light of day

The Cradle is designed for children from 3 kg, who have problems finding peace and sleep. Use the cradle as a complement or alternative to the Baby Hammock and instead of a regular baby bed or cot placed on the floor.

The Cradle is for the design-conscious family who wants to put their child to sleep on a flat base with a firm base. The long interior dimensions and open design are ideal for children who find peace in following their surroundings or feel warm in the enveloping security of the Baby Hammock.

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Moonboon manufactures products from aesthetic, organic and pleasant materials for babies and children.

We are the only ones on the market who develop Baby Hammocks with mattresses made of kapok fibers.

You can learn more about our entire product range on here our website and find more information about our products such as the Baby Hammock, Cradle, Kapok Mattress or Motor. In addition, we have written numerous articles worth knowing about babies and their sleep. A topic that is especially close to our hearts.

Our name 'Moonboon' is inspired by the moon, the night, sleep, dreaming and adventures. The moon symbolizes sleep, while 'Boon' stands for blessing, good, help and happiness.

Respect for the environment and consideration for people are two big concerns for us at Moonboon. That is exactly why Moonboon products are made from organic materials where possible, sourced in an environmentally conscious way.

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